Rabu, 09 Januari 2013

It's Been a While...

hello there :) sorry for this really late post. my life had been spinning around too fast. so here's a little review about what i did last 6 month. But let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 for all of you :* new year, new hope, right? have blessfull year ;)

First, now I'm majoring at architecture in University of Diponegoro. yes, I'm a college student now :) i have many new friends, many new experiences, and a new family :) Arsi undip 2012 i love you
Here are the photos of our activity as a new college student
N∆TE - Night with Archtribe 2012

cool huh?
meet my new friends : parama, cathlea, and cacak. love 'em

so NATE is our first project to prove to our senior that we are appropriate to be new member of HMA amoghasida. and it was AWESOME NIGHT. and yes, we did it

second, I (finally) have a boyfriend :"> his name is bentar wibisono
there he is :)

he gave me this cute teddy bear. and we named it juralumin

then he made me this SUPERDUPERMEGAAWESOME shirt :D
he's nice, and cute, and funny, and my bestfriend :) actually i know him since we were at the same class at 7th grdae. and he told me that he had a crush on me when we were at 9th grade. but then i told him that my parents allow me to have a boyfriend only when I already in college. So he waited me. HE WAITED ME. FOR 3 YEARS. oh my God... i love him :) reeeeeaaaalllly love him :3

Third, hmm... what's the third? oh maybe my birthday? yes, I'm 19 now :3 and that was the best birthday ever!!!
bentar gave me a surprise of course :3

gifts from bentar

my 19th years old cake

my family

thank you bapak, ibu :)

i got floweeeerrrsss woohooo

and that's me for family diner
I got THREE CAKES. one from bentar, one from parama and cacak, one from my parents. that's the best day eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer :*

last but not least, my trip to solo with my college friend to see architectural building there. AWESOME TRIP. but it's a liiitle bit disappointing because we were late to go to laweyan, center of artisans in solo. but it still awesome


it's mesjid ageng

it's keraton surakarta

these are photos from rempah rumah karya

sooo, that's it. and lots of tasks of course but i didn't have any photo of my work. and my lebaran post still haven't done yet so let's forget it. and again, I'm sorry for this reaaaaally late post. I promise I'll post when I have time since I have plenty now in my holiday :p thank you for reading :)

Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

An Afternoon in Taman Menteng, Jakarta

Haiii :) I'm sorry for this late post. So, last week I went to Jakarta for some reasons. Actually, I want to have a vacation there but it seems like my big sister could not accompany me so I decided to have my vacation on their house. And then, my father took me to Taman Menteng, where I haven't been there before. So it's fun, calmly, and the park was gorgeous. There was people who practicing shuffle dance, playing basket ball, playing soccer, playing skateboard, and off course a lot of couple dating :| But anyway I like that park.
Here are some photos at Taman Menteng

And here are some random photos of me and my family
this is my dad :3

my face LOL

weird sisters :|

It's pretty cool, eh?

me and my dad :)

weird face again. LOL

this is me and my sister :)

my dad's pose LOL

she's waiting for someone's text :3
So, that's all :D You should go there with your family or friends or your lover :) That's a nice place to go :)